Escape Room

Escape Room: an Entertainment with a Purpose

Always thinking of new adventures for your family for the weekend? No need to go further from the city, you must have an escape room in your area. It is highly recommended for you and every member of your family except for very young kids.

Escape rooms are becoming a trend for family and group entertainment in every city worldwide. It is a group game consisting of 8-10 members. With the ultimate goal of getting free from the room after solving puzzles and mysteries along the way, the game involves a series of tasks to accomplish. Indeed, it is an adventure different from any other experience, you and your family has gone to.  As its promise of entertainment to the max is guaranteed, your family also has other benefits to gain from this game.



It Teaches the Value of Role Playing

Every one of us has a role to play in society, in our family, and in any group where we belong. In an escape room, each member is assigned with particular tasks to accomplish. These tasks are interconnected to each other that when every task is performed and all puzzles are solved, it is only then that you can attain your goal of escaping from the room.

Escape rooms encourage that every member should do their part. Just like in the family, we are expected to do our chores and responsibilities.

It Encourages Coordination

The tasks may be pretty challenging that they need you to be mentally and physically alert. Escape rooms are designed to promote coordination among group members. The game encourages every player to speak up when he has the difficulty of solving a certain puzzle. This will signal other members to give assist in accomplishing difficult tasks.

Indeed, communication is needed in every organization. Just like in our families, we need to tell if we need help to get the assistance that we need and get out of a difficult situation.

Rules It Promotes Adherence to Rules

In every place that we go, there are rules to abide with. And in every organization, there must be a leader who gives directives and guidance. In an escape room, there are dos and don’ts, and you must pay attention to both. You must not make the mistake of going against the rules or your progress will be stalled. The team should select a leader, someone who gives directions, coordinates, gives help, and shares his ideas on how to solve a mystery. It would be ideal if all the team members will translate this into their families.

It Enhances Family Bonding

Just as you aspire to have a close-knit family, you can do so in an escape room because you need to work as a team and achieve your goal. Going to an escape room is truly a complete family experience that has a lot of good things to do with your relationship as family members and of course, not missing the excitement and fun that is expected from a family adventure.…