Why You Should Get that old VCD Back

It was at least two decades ago when VCDs are the trend in video and audio technology. VCD or Video Compact Disks is the successor of the now obsolete VHS or Video Home System and the predecessor of the DVD or the Digital Versatile Disk. If you think you are done with your VCD, think again.

With all the audio and video technology that came after VCDs, you must have put aside your VCD in your family museum or in a dark corner of your cabinet. Some owners of VCDs may have left their device to their kid as a toy, while others may have brought it to their storage units. And why should you have not? The DVD, which came just a few years after the release of the first VCD is a more powerful system. And after that, mobile phones were upgraded from being used only for communication to a complete device on its own, providing a whole lot of entertainment options, including audio and video.

But just as we were ready to kiss this technology goodbye, there was a renewed interest once again over this entertainment device. In 2015, VCDs were back in the market, which makes sense because a VCD is a class of its own.

Music VCDs Still Produce Beautiful Music

Let’s face it. The audio aspect of VCDs is still one of the best until today. While VCDs are in a compact form as its name provides, it is still one of the best ways to hear our favorite music loud and clear in a small venue such as your bedroom or living room. With high resonance sound, you can accomplish your home chores while being entertained with beautiful sounds from your VCD.

VCDs Can Get the Load off Your Mobile Phone

Just as we need to sleep or rest, so do our mobile phones. Some mobile users can use their mobile phones uninterrupted for the whole duration of the day gaming, watching movies, listening to music, or interacting with people on their social media accounts. Some mobile phones may even be busy playing music while you are already asleep. Mobile phones are indeed one of the most stressed devices during this generation.

With a VCD, you can let your mobile phone have its much-needed rest. When you want to hear music only, turn on your VCD instead of your smartphone. This practice gives extra care to your mobile phone, which can save it from an overload breakdown.

VCDsVCDs Are Excellent for Outdoors

With its compact form, it will not be inconvenient to carry your VCD when on an outdoor activity. It is small and lightweight, making it ideal for picnics and camping outdoors. For sure, no one in your group would like that his mobile phone will have dead batteries for being the one used to provide sounds. A VCD can take that role competently.

It is not old fashioned to be using your VCD. It is a logical thing to do.…