Tony Lee talks to Newsarama about his hit series, Hope Falls

18-October-07. Tony Lee has been interviewed by Benjamin Ong Pang Kean at Newsarama, where he talked about Hope Falls, his collaboration with Dan Boultwood, his views on faith and religion, and how he may have turned down a movie deal! In case you want to look amazing for a role, you can read the information here, and learn how you can get a lighter skin tone.

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The Angels start to fall in November in HOPE FALLS

29-August-07. After five months of online buzz, HOPE FALLS, the five part supernatural thriller by creators Tony Lee and Dan Boultwood is finally available to order in the SEPTEMBER PREVIEWS - SEP073850.

Already garnering critical acclaim from both reviewers and professionals alike, HOPE FALLS is the tale of Helen, a small town waitress who returns to the town she was murdered in, twenty years after her death.

But although the four men involved have moved on with their lives, Helen hasn't aged a day and has a wealth of new powers in her arsenal as she returns for one reason only - vengeance . And, as the body count starts to rise, we discover a shocking secret - Helen is an Angel, free-falling from Heaven in a search for revenge and each one gained is a step towards Hell. She is falling, and only one man, the enigmatic Michael can stop her.

But as the story progresses, Michael himself discovers that there is more to this than a simple killing - and that this is part of an Angelic conspiracy that goes all the way back to the time of Christ. Can he stop her, and more importantly - should he stop her? And with dark forces siding against her, will Helen even manage to complete the job?

"This could be the surprise hit of the year" - Harry Markos

"Tony Lee is one of the best story-tellers working in comics today." - Michael Moorcock

"You must read this. As if your immortal soul depends on it. Because it does." - Steven Saunders (ALL THE RAGE)

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AAM/Markosia announces new Beowulf Comic Series!

06-July-07. Markosia announced today that in addition to the Beowulf Graphic Novel already announced for publication in October, they will also be publishing a brand new 3-issue mini-series. The decision was taken after huge public demand, and the mini-series will be titled "Tales Of Beowulf".

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AAM/Markosia gets HEADLOCKED by Visionary!

22-June-07. Markosia in association with Visionary Comics Studio, are proud to announce the upcoming publication of HEADLOCKED, a dramatic series based on the world of professional wrestling. The series focuses on Mike Hartmann, a skinny theater major and his unlikely journey to become a pro wrestler. ?Basically he gets dragged to a WWE-style wrestling match and he gets caught up in the show,? explains series creator Michael Kingston. ?A lot of wrestlers start out as fans. At some point they?ve all had that moment where they see something amazing in the ring and in their head they say, ?I want to do this?. Well that happens to Hartmann in a big way.

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The Flying Friar Returns - In COLOUR!!

05-June-07. Markosia today announced the forthcoming publication of The Flying Friar - only this time in glorious colour. Long-time fan of the story, Markosia's Managing Partner and Publisher Harry Markos was quick to spot the potential of Rich Johnson's tale, and after the demise of it's previous publisher, was only too keen to offer it a new home at Markosia.

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Beowulf Graphic Novel

09-May-07. Markosia announced the forthcoming publication in Graphic Novel format of the epic folklore Beowulf. Written by Stephen L Stern and with art by Christopher Steininger, this will prove to be a huge hit worldwide.
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AAM merges with Markosia

25-April-07. Markosia announced today that with immediate effect, they are merging with their sister company, Associated Arts and Media (AAM), to create a global production studio.
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Heretic #1 is NOT sold out!!

04-April-07. Markosia announced today that even though Diamond have sold out of Heretic #1, Markosia have made more copies available to meet the huge demand for this stunning book.

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VENGEANCE OF THE VAPOR strikes this May!

01-Mar-07. Markosia are delighted to announce the upcoming publication of Sal Cipriano's collaboration with upcoming Argentine artist Jok - The Vengeance Of The Vapor. This is billed as "spaghetti western meets pulp hero action", and is due to ride into town in May 2007.

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Kong goes back to New York!

21-Feb-07. This coming weekend see the second annual New York Comic Con, and Markosia are of course taking a full and active role, including the announcement of our newest series - Kong: King of Skull Island.

Not only that, but we have a galaxy of creators lining up to sign fans books.
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Of Bitter Souls hits the small screen.

16-Feb-07. Markosia announces that Of Bitter Souls, the hit series from the pen of Chuck Satterlee, is to be adapted for TV, by Kickstart Entertainment.
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Midnight Kiss is finally finished!!

31-Jan-07. Markosia announced the publication of the long-awaited conclusion to Tony Lee's Eagle-award nominated series Midnight Kiss.
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Markosia appoints a new EIC

Monday 22-Jan-07. Markosia released a Press Statement today detailing the appointment of a new Editor-in-Chief and the creation of a new position - Group Editor.
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The Tizzle Sisters and Erik

The Tizzle Sisters is a fantastic new story from GP Taylor the creator of the world wide best selling books Shadowmancer, Wormwood and Tersias.

Sadie and Saskia Tizzle combine everything that children and families seek in their movie heroes. Self reliant, self protecting and self distracting, Sadie and Saskia will keep you on the edge of your seats. The year is 1912. Sadie and Sakia Saskia are twins girls - though not ordinary twin girls.

They live in the Isambard Dundas School for Wayward Children in Hampstead, London. This strange but magnificent house has been their prison, school, home and refuge since their mother set off on her world tour in 1909. A single parent, actress and bohemian - it was only going to be for a short while - but as she toured from theatre to theatre, the thoughts of her children ebbed away. All is well for the girls, until the day when a small lady in a man's suit and trilby hat arrives at the school. She is greeted by the Head and shown the twins one by one. It is then that she raises her hand and points to Saskia. 'I want a girl, any girl will do as long as she has good teeth...She'll do...' she said arrogantly. 'I would take them both but I only have enough sheets for one bed.'

Thus begins a new life for them both. Sadie tries to keep control of the school and find her sister. Saskia begins a new life amongst the séances, literary evenings and political intrigues of the Edwardian era. Not only does Saskia seek to escape her new life, but also discover who is the strange man that walks the corridors of Spaniards House late at night. She also discovers why the former Head of the school mysteriously disappeared. Saskia is gone, Sadie is left alone. Enemies, seeing the chance to take over, edge their way towards Sadie to steal her crown.

Ghosts - madmen and strange inventions fill this classic adventure story where nothing can be taken for granted and every picture tells a story.

GP Taylor has been recently described as the 'new' CS Lewis and the London Times said his work was 'Hotter than Potter.'